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High Availability, Load Balancing & Disaster Recovery

To ensure the highest levels of redundancy, failover, and load balancing, Securosys employs HSM clusters consisting of a minimum of two and a maximum of four HSMs. The specific cluster configuration is tailored to the chosen CloudHSM service package, while dedicated HSM services necessitate a customized setup.

The Primus API Provider's intelligent design distributes cryptographic operations across all HSMs in the cluster in a random and therefore evenly distributed manner. This approach optimizes performance and resource utilization while maintaining optimal security posture.

Securosys strategically locates data centers in distinct risk zones, ensuring a distance of at least 20 kilometers between them. Each data center is equipped with multiple redundant internet connections to safeguard against network disruptions and maintain uninterrupted service availability.

For disaster recovery purposes, productive HSM clusters (i.e., ECO) replicate their data to an additional fortified data center housed within a former military bunker deep within the Swiss Alps. This facility, classified as EMS zone 2 (BSI) and NATO zone 3, offers exceptional resilience against natural disasters and extreme environmental conditions. The CloudHSM disaster recovery procedures are exclusively applicable to service packages with Disaster Recovery site setup, ensuring comprehensive protection against unforeseen events.