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Developer Program

General connectivity details for development program services:

Your access credentials to the Securosys Developer Program HSM Infrastructure are provided via the Support Portal.


If you are new to developing applications with Securosys-HSMs, you can obtain a free developer account with Securosys. For more information, please contact and request registration in the Developer Program.


The Securosys Developer Program is designed solely for testing and application development/integration. The HSMs operate in debug mode, providing us with deeper insights into development activities. The Securosys Developer Program comes with no SLA and is not intended for productive use.

Securosys neither encourages nor supports the migration of Developer Program data to productive systems, whether CloudHSM or on-premises.

Migration of Developer Program data to CloudHSM Sandbox (SBX) is possible upon special request but is subject to charges.

HSM Developer Program

The Developer Program for Primus HSM is composed of HSMs in a HA-cluster configuration, please use below parameters to connect (also sent with the initial invitation mail).

Hostname / IPTCP Port
TCP Port
TCP Port
2420 /

For further details consult the Provider User Guides and Primus HSM User Guide, downloadable from the support portal.

Transaction Security Broker - Developer Program

General connectivity details for development program Transaction Security Broker (TSB).

TSB ServiceDescriptionAuthenticationSwagger-UIAPI-Endpoint
Developer Program (DEV)TSB bound to Developer Program HSM

Details of the RESTful-API and Transaction Security Broker can be found on the Swagger-UI.