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This document is designed to provide users with quick and accessible information regarding the connection parameters required when connecting to different Securosys HSM solutions.

The Securosys API Providers documentation provides a more in-depth explanation of each Primus API Provider, as well as their setup and configuration.

For quick access to connectivity details consult the pages below:

  • For CloudHSM Hardware Security Module as a Service (HSMaaS) connectivity details, see CloudHSM - HSMaaS
  • For connectivity details for CloudHSM Transaction Security Broker as a Service (TSBaaS), see CloudHSM - TSBaaS
  • For default connectivity details for on-premises PrimusHSM, see On-premises - Primus HSM. For some on-premises HSM deployed connectivity details might differ from the ones provided in Default Configuration section. In such cases contact your HSM administrator for your connectivity details.
  • For connectivity details for on-premises Transaction Security Broker (TSB), see On-Premises - Transaction Security Broker

Target Audience

This document is intended for Securosys Primus HSM or CloudHSM users. Installation and configuration of the Securosys Primus API Providers requires that you are already familiar with their usage.

For on-premises HSM deployed operation administrative skills are required for Securosys Primus HSMs.

Support Contact

If you encounter a problem while connecting with the HSM, make sure that you have read the referenced documentation. If you cannot resolve the issue, please contact Securosys Customer Support. For specific requests regarding on-premises PrimusHSM, TSB or CloudHSM, the Securosys Support Portal is reachable under