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Securosys REST-based HSM integration for HashiCorp Vault CE

This HashiCorp Vault Community Edition update implements a platform-agnostic REST-based HSM interface with zero library installation, while eliminating connectivity hurdles by using secure web connections (TLS). This facilitates the use and deployment in clustered and multi-cloud environments. Moreover, Securosys HSM innovations like hardware enforced multi-authorization are at one’s disposal. Security is paramount, experience Securosys Primus HSM or CloudHSM integration without hassle from the very beginning.

  • Unlock your Vault with the security of an HSM
  • Make use of multi-authorization workflows for compliance applications

Obtain the latest Vault CE from GitHub and our JFrog Artifactory.

The Vault CE is maintained on the GitHub repository including the JFrog artifactory access credentials and download links for the binaries.

For latest version refer to github.

Before updating please carefully read the release notes to ensure compatibility and successful integration.