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Securosys JCE Provider

The integration of Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) and Java Cryptography Architecture (JCA) with Securosys PrimusHSM provides a robust and secure solution for cryptographic operations within Java applications. This integration allows seamless communication with Primus HSM clusters and CloudHSM, ensuring the highest level of protection for key management and cryptographic processes.

Key Features

Versatile IntegrationJCE/JCA seamlessly integrates with PrimusHSM, offering a flexible and language-agnostic solution for Java applications.
Secure Cryptographic OperationsEnable cryptographic functionalities such as signing and encryption with the utmost security, leveraging the power of PrimusHSM.
Confidentiality and IntegrityEnsure the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data by harnessing the capabilities of Hardware Security Modules.
Integration WorkflowDirect Connection to HSM Partition (User): Deploy JCE/JCA within your Java application to establish a secure and direct connection to a single HSM partition, allowing for cryptographic operations.
Flexible 1:n ConfigurationSupport a 1:n configuration where one JCE/JCA interface (Java application) connects with multiple HSMs or partitions.


The following diagram explains at a high level the basic concepts of using our HSM in your own cluster or in our CloudHSM service.

Note: JCE connection must be enabled both for the device and the user partition (enabled by default in the Dev Program).

Use Case

The documentation provides copy, paste sample codes on incorporating JCE/JCA functionalities, including:

  • Key generation
  • Signing payloads using the keys created
  • TLS establishing SSL secure sockets (secure transport layer)
  • PKCS12
  • Certificate handling
  • Integrated Encryption Scheme
  • CryptoCurrency

This integration empowers your Java applications with robust cryptographic capabilities, ensuring the highest standards of security for your data.

Get started

Start by using the guidelines provided in this guide to set up your initial connections. The guide offers step-by-step instructions for configuring connections in both on-premises and cloud environments, making the process straightforward.