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There are many platform-specific tools to manage HSM key stores and certificate procedures (e.g. OpenSC/pkcs11-tool, p11tool, Java keytool, Windows certutil, etc.).

Primus Tools serves as a versatile Java-based toolkit, designed to seamlessly integrate with your on-premises Primus HSM cluster or CloudHSM. With Primus Tools, complexity is streamlined, ensuring swift and efficient management of cryptographic objects while offering a robust foundation for secure operations.

With ongoing updates and maintenance, Primus Tools ensures optimal compatibility with HSMs, directly addressing the needs of security-conscious enterprises. Setting up the tool is a breeze - a simple process of downloading the .zip file, extracting it, and it's ready for immediate use.

The tool's functionality encompasses a broad spectrum of object management commands, allowing for key tasks such as generation, listing, deletion, modification, wrapping, and more. Moreover, it facilitates more intricate operations like key migration, certificate procedures such as certificate signing request generation, and the creation of self-signed certificates.

Included within Primus Tools are utilities like KeytoolX and JarsignerX, utilities adapted from Sun Oracle's Keytool and Jarsigner, tailored to interact seamlessly with either on-premises Primus HSM or CloudHSM.

This document describes the Primus Tools commands, their parameters and the use cases for Primus HSM or CloudHSM service.

Target Audience

This document is intended for Securosys Primus HSM or CloudHSM administrators and IT professionals familiar with cryptographic object and certificate management. Installation of Primus Tools and JCE provider requires that you are already familiar with java.

For on-premises HSM deployed operation administrative skills are required for Securosys Primus HSMs.

Support Contact

If you encounter a problem while installing/configuring the provider or integrating the HSM with Primus Tools, make sure that you have read the referenced documentation. If you cannot resolve the issue, please contact Securosys Customer Support. For specific requests regarding Primus Tools, the Securosys Support Portal is reachable under

What's Next

For a smooth start using Primus Tools:

  • Consult the Quickstart for a comprehensive task listing.
  • For detailed instructions, read and follow the Installation chapter.
  • For detailed command usage and explanation view the Tutorials chapter.
  • See examples of Use Cases.