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Securosys External Key Store (XKS) Proxy for AWS KMS

AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) is an encryption and key management service scaled for the cloud. AWS KMS keys and functionality are used by various AWS services, and you can use them to protect data in your own applications that use AWS. External Key Store (XKS) resources for integration with Amazon Web Services Key Management Service (AWS KMS) allow you to manage keys held in Securosys Primus HSMs (Hardware Security Module) or a Securosys Network CloudHSM and allows AWS KMS to use the keys for cryptographic operations on demand.


All communication between AWS External Key Store and the Securosys Primus HSM or CloudHSM is facilitated through the Securosys XKS proxy. The Securosys XKS Proxy serves as a critical link between AWS Key Management Service (KMS) and the source key material stored in either Securosys Primus HSMs or Securosys Network CloudHSMs. It empowers you with key sovereignty, allowing you to retain full control over your keys outside of the AWS KMS, ensuring that the cryptographic operations are executed while preserving enduser control and meeting compliance requirements.

How it works

Deploying the Securosys XKS proxy is a quick and easy process. By simply configuring and running the Securosys XKS proxy docker image it is possible to establish a link between the AWS KMS and the Securosys HSMs (either on premise or network). The concise Securosys XKS proxy logging can be configured to work on the client server or directed to a remote logging server.

The Securosys XKS proxy can be deployed in different architectures, such as deploying within AWS VPC EC2 instance or a public endpoint connection to AWS services with on premises deployment.


It's important to note that AWS KMS or the Securosys XKS proxy never directly interact with your cryptographic data. Instead, all interactions are only forwarded through the Securosys XKS proxy software that you provide. This ensures that your HSM remains the sole entity responsible for encryption and decryption operations using your cryptographic key material.

About AWS External Key Store Proxy by Securosys

The XKS Proxy on AWS is a robust and scalable software solution designed to facilitate secure communication between clients and backend services deployed on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure. The proxy acts as an intermediary, routing requests from clients to the appropriate backend services and managing authentication, authorization, and encryption for seamless and secure data transmission.